Meghan & Louie

Hows the saying go? Spring showers bring …. delayed engagement photos? Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing a fabulous couple who were as chill as they come. It seems like every time we would start to narrow down a date for these soon to be newlyweds to get a few engagement photos taken there would be a freak southern blizzard, or never-ending week of torrential downpours. We had a shoot booked for yesterday, and then canceled when we saw a prediction of 100-percent chance of rain, and then on again and off again oh my silly weather app. Finally these guys just decided to chance it heading out the door to meet up for the shoot. And I’m glad we did… the clouds parted and gave way to a beautiful sunset. I’m really looking forward to their ocean front wedding in a few weeks, judging by their great attitude and obvious love for each other it will be an awesome day.