Bride and groom with foreheads together while being circled and touched by loving family members.

Rachel & Paul

The marriage of Rachel and Paul Laskowske in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Baby's breath being placed in a bride's updo. Smiling happy mother looking at her beautiful bride daughter. Happy father wearing tuxedo smiling at his daughter. Groom smiling and laughing with his groomsmen. Mother of the bride helping place crocheted foot wraps on brides feet. Bride holding flower bouquet of pink roses, white hydrangea and baby's breath. Preacher speaking at church during wedding ceremony. Bride's reaction to seeing groom as she walks down the aisle with her father. Broom wearing glasses smiles at camera while standing next to his groomsmen. Fisheye photo from the back of the First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga showing entire crowd and wedding party during wedding ceremony. Father of the bride saying prayer during wedding ceremony. Groomsmen praying during wedding ceremony. Bride and Groom during their first kiss at their wedding ceremony. Bride and Groom smiling and overjoyed after they have just completed their wedding ceremony. Bride and Grooms hands showing the brides ring showcasing a beautiful emerald diamond. Bride and Groom posing in front of the First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga in the warm sunshine. Bride and Groom holding hands while posing next to church pews. Bride fixing her Grooms bowtie while posing inside a church with a stained glass window in the background. Brides parents posing in a doorway while a cute young boy smiles while sitting on a bench. Bride and groom look at speaker during their wedding ceremony. Groom shoots garter belt over head as single men wedding guests stand together in the background waiting to catch it. Bridal party sits at reception looking up at a huge projection screen with video playing. Bridal gown hangs from hanger in hallway next to three tiered white wedding cake with white hydrangea flowers on top.