Wedding party dancing at the Lookout Mountain Fairyland Club

Susan & Jack

It was a sight to see as two bright orange school buses pulled up in front of The Church of the Good Shepherd on Lookout Mountain and loved ones streamed out to attend the wedding of Susan Eckelmann and Jack Berghel.

Words weren't necessary in communicating happiness as the bride’s German-speaking family exchanged smiles and hugs with the groom’s relatives. The ceremony was really sweet, and the emotion of true love was apparent by a glisten in the groom’s eyes as his bride gracefully floated down the aisle towards him. After the vows the party moved to the Lookout Mountain Fairyland Club where the universal language of dance united everyone under a clear night sky.

Silhouette of bride and groom in front of sunset. Bridesmaid and flower girl dresses hanging on the banister of staircase. Bride and groom posing in church. Bride and groom with pastor of church. Bride getting ready and having family keepsake pinned inside dress. Bride getting ready with her bridesmaids. Bride playing with family child. Flower girl helping grandfather get dressed as grandmother is helping too. Bride crying as reading a card from groom. Bride posed with her bouquet. Father of the groom helping groom tie his tie. Wide angle shot from the back of the church during wedding ceremony. Portrait of both bride and groom in their wedding attire. Wedding ceremony taking place in church. Husband and Wife happily leaving wedding ceremony. Portrait of bride and groom outside church. Back of bride's dress with her veil. Bride and Groom walking outside church after wedding ceremony. Bride and Groom taking selfie during their wedding. Portrait of groom at church. Groom with bridesmaids. Bride and groom posing outside next to rock wall. Groom kissing bride on forehead. Bride and Groom kissing beneath wedding veil. Bride and groom listening to guest speech at their wedding ceremony. Wedding guest cheersing during wedding reception. Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake. Bride and groom kissing behind their wedding cake. Bride and Groom laughing and dancing during wedding reception. Father dancing with his baby daughter wearing ear protection. Bride and groom leaving wedding reception to guests with sparklers.